International package delivery has resumed regular service to Europe, and we will be sending out a RarezHub shipment soon.  Any orders from customers in Europe and marked as "Hold for Bulk Shipping" will automatically be included. (unless told otherwise)  Shipping invoices will be sent out AFTER everything arrives at our shipping center this time rather than before.

We realize shipping can be quite expensive for our European customers, and we aim to help with that through our European shipping center.  Customers in Europe save an average of 35-60% on shipping costs, plus NO CUSTOMS! This is achieved by shipping everyone's orders together in a single huge box, then mailing orders to individual customers once at our shipping center in Germany.  


Q: When will the box be sent to your shipping center?

A: Once all the orders reach a combined weight of 8 kg (or after one of our Livestream Auctions), we package everything up and send out invoices for shipping amounts due.  The invoice amount includes your share of the overseas shipping (via carrier USPS) as well as the cost to send your order from our hub to your door. You'll be sent tracking numbers at every step of the way as well.

Q: Reduced shipping and no customs sounds great, but won't it take a lot longer to get my order?

A:  Your order would be sent First-Class International if it was going directly from us to you, and First-Class can take multiple weeks.  The box sent to our shipping hub is sent via Priority International, which takes only a little over a week. The individual orders are then labeled and sent directly to you from Germany. Thus it's a win-win situation making the wait time less than it’d be initially.

Q: How do I ensure my store order gets included in the hub box?

A: During checkout, select the option "Hold for Bulk Shipping", and this will make your shipping cost $0.  You'll still have to pay for the item itself though. We'll automatically add all held orders from European customers to the hub box.  Remember you can have as many held orders at once as you like!