What does 589kg of VK and 70s/80s J-POP looks like?

We’ve got 33 boxes of untold treasures to share with you: get ready for a two-weekend RarezHut unboxing livestream event!!

Join us on January 23-24, and 30-31 as we test our endurance, sanity, and pronunciation skills.

RSVP on our Facebook Event  |  Subscribe to our YouTube and get notified when we go live

⭐️ Make an offer on any item that appears on camera! Just specify which box it’s in so we can keep track of everything (box numbers will be displayed on screen).

⭐️ You’ve got until February 15th to submit offers, and March 3rd to submit payment if your offer is accepted.

⭐️ Please make an offer for each item you want individually (i.e. “item 1: $10; item 2: $15” and not “item 1 and item 2: $25”).

⭐️ If you miss the livestream, don’t worry: an archive of each day’s stream will be up on YouTube immediately after airing.

⭐️ As always, you’ll get high-quality digital copies of any records (upon request), cassettes, and VHS you buy!