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Valentine's Day 2020 VK Auction

The Auction is Going On NOW,  Click HERE to Join

Get ready to fall in love with all of these sugary sweet VK deals! Join us the weekend before Valentine's Day as we auction off over 100 VK goodies. We continue our trend of giving away crazy amounts of VK just for showing up, this time with even more prizes. (like a truly insane amount) Nearly all items start at $1, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get your favorites for dirt cheap.

All days start at 12PM CDT/1PM EDT/5PM GMT
RSVP on our Facebook event (not required)

In Spring of 2015, we started our livestream auctions program. During the auctions people can buy items as they appear on camera using our automated bidding system. Bidding for a vast majority of the items starts at only ONE DOLLAR. We also give away lots of prizes, where all you need to do to win is show up and hang out in the chat!

Q: How will I know what items will be for sale? What if I’m not online when the one I want appears?

A: Go to to see a list of everything that will be sold (generally around 300 items!) a couple weeks beforehand. Not able to attend the auction, or want to make sure you don't miss out?  You can submit “scheduled bids” (previously proxy/ghost) with the maximum amount you are willing to pay for specific items. A "scheduled bid" consists of your max bid, which will then be automatically bid in $1 increments up to your maximum.

Q: Will shipping be expensive?

A: Our auctions last for two weekends, and we combine items from both into a single shipment (along with any held store orders). Customers from Europe will take advantage of our RarezHub program to save an average of 35-60% on shipping and no customs.

Q: How do I pay for the items I’ve won?

Customers will be notified of auction items being placed in their shopping cart within ten (10) days of the last day of the auction. Payment for auction items is due within fourteen (14) days of the last day of notification of orders being placed into customers shopping carts. Extension of payment deadline may be granted by emailing
Example for Latest Auction

The last day of the auction is February 9th. Items will be placed in shopping carts by February 18th. Payment for auction items will be due on March 3rd.