Livestream Auctions

In Spring of 2015, we started our livestream auctions program. During the streams people can buy items as they appear using our automated bidding system. Bidding for a vast majority of the items starts at only ONE DOLLAR. We also give away lots of prizes, where all you need to do to win is show up and hang out in the chat!

Q: How will I know what items will be for sale? What if I’m not online when the one I want appears?

A: We release a spreadsheet of everything that will be sold (generally around 300 items!) a couple weeks beforehand. Customers can email in “proxy bids” with the maximum amount they are willing to pay for specific items. A "proxy bid" consists of the desired item and your max bid, where we will then bid on your behalf up to your maximum.

Q: Will shipping be expensive?

A: Our auctions last for two weekends, and we combine items from both into a single shipment (along with any held store orders). Customers from Europe will take advantage of our RarezHub program to save an average of 35-60% on shipping and no customs.